HONGKONGのギャラリーで学んだ、日本の器とSAKEのこと。 I Learned from a Gallery in Hong Kong, About Japanese Vessels and Sake.

In September, I accompanied potter, Takeshi Sakamoto, to his solo exhibition in Hong Kong.
There, I was able to pick up a lot of hints as to why the world loves Japanese vessels and Japanese sake.



Here is a shot of the exhibition, taking time, holding various vessels in their hands, and conversing with their own sensibilities as they ponder how each piece might be displayed or used.
We don’t know how many times we just straight-out said, “For me, this is what is what makes this piece so great!”



The gallery hosted a classy Japanese sake reception on opening day, as a young bartender infused his unique sensibilities, nothing like anything us Japanese could ever conceive of, into his approach to cocktails.
Cranberries for tint. Shiso for accent. Grilled rosemary for fragrance…
Even I, “Curve-ball Specialist & Master of Sake Tasting”, could not help but admire the prism of ideas that he continued to serve up.


A photo of a famous tea bowl of matcha prepared at a tea ceremony…? Nah – It is a matcha-sake cocktail that was whipped up with a shaker and strained.


We claim to be knowledgeable about Japanese sake and pottery, but when it comes to the true essence of sake and vessels from Japan, it may actually be that, “We believe that we are enlightened, but are living in ignorance.”
This might be similar to the way in which, although we have no trouble speaking Japanese, “Without an awareness of other languages, there is no catalyst for understanding Japanese on a linguistic level.” That is to say, the concept of grammar aside, “There can never be any awareness of the beauty of words, or the difficulty of words.”


Indeed, with the discovery of a cool Japanese sake gallery and the most inventive way of serving Japanese sake (namazake), and the meeting of new people, such as a young professional of Japanese cuisine who wielded his skills in the most prestigious district of Hong Kong, this was a journey replete with multitudes of encounters and awareness.


Mr. Sakamoto, who allowed me to accompany him, everyone at Waka Artisans Gallery, each person I met.
I thank all of you with all of my heart.

同行させてもらった阪本さん、ギャラリー・Waka artisans の皆さん、お会いした方々。


The night before returning to Japan. We enjoyed beer and delicious Chinese food, at an eatery in the depths of Hong Kong.




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